Most Days I'm From Heaven...Today, I'm From HELL

by Stone

I'm a bitch on a mission. Positive, angelic, caring, supportive, and forgiving woman of strength will NOT be displayed when interacting with me today. I'm tired of being taken for granted, the object of unwarranted tantrums and selfless acts of kindness being returned void. To my children, I'm tired of your empty ass apologies for mistakes you conveniently repeat at your leisure. My limit of tolerance has been more than exceeded. Don't waste my time trying to justify what you are fully aware qualifies as unacceptable behavior.

For all of my potential suitors claiming they want an independent woman. I'm tired of your weak ass displaying emotions that represent intimidation. Yes, I am a female fully capable of supporting my every habit. Let's be real, I do not NEED you, I merely want you. Help me fulfill my dreams or else I'm rebuking your pathetic attempts to cause me nightmares. Either you accept what I have to offer or exit stage left in an expeditious manner out of my life.

To my co-workers, at best, you can only PRAY to hinder me because you will NOT stop me. In life, there are two types, those that do and those that watch what others have done. Thus far you've been proficient in watching me attain stellar status professionally. I'll train, learn and always have an advantage over you so while you manually do the job behind the scene, I will undoubtedly ensure I receive the credit. Keep up the good work and continue to "watch" me, "do" me.

For all my haters, breathing the same oxygen as I do is indeed a privilege for you. It's not difficult keeping tabs on me or my latest and greatest since I'm such a phenomenal headliner. Every step I take, every dollar I make, every smile I flash, every check I cash, every male that seeks my attention, every female trying to duplicate my reflection....I know you see me. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for contributing to my success. I don't worry about seeing your ass at the top, because that's reserved for the best and since you're so focused on my life, you achieve less.

To me, you are a dynamic, humble, talented, agile creatively crafted woman. Your bitching session is now over. Forgive, forget, and apologize if necessary for your hurtful actions and get back to being the amazing marquee female God made a reality. xoxo

Most Days I'm From Heaven...Today, I'm From HELL by Stone

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