Hear My Prayer

by Stone

Father forgive me for I have sinned
Thank You for grace & mercy which allows me to began…again
Forgive my disobedience, lack of trust & distant behavior
Forgive my complaining, greediness and trespasses against my neighbor
Forgive my lust, lack of control and deceit
Help me to be a blessing to all those I meet
Forgive my unkind words, disrespect & unruliness
Forgive my attraction to over indulgence with worldliness
Father forgive me for I willingly participate in sin
I'm weak, self-serving and will undoubtedly err again
Strengthen my praise, spirit, body and mind
Transform my wicked nature to be Godly and kind
I believe Your Word; I hold it in my heart
Sometimes I cross the finish line, other times I return to the start
Forgive my weakness to things You've deemed impure
Help me to be bold, unwavering and biblically sure
Forgive me Father for conforming to worldly pressures
Rescue me, guide me and decrease my zeal for earthly treasures
Father grant me power to prevail each day
When I fall into temptation, thank You for making a way
Father instruct my heart, direct my thoughts and hear my prayer...AMEN

Hear My Prayer by Stone

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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