MY World, MY Way

by Stone

Wanna Play??? Entry granted or access denied
Negative, fearful, self-serving, toxic behavior
and petty people NEED NOT APPLY.
The standards are set, expectations and requirements are high
I'm only accepting persons qualified to FLY
Mentally sane, emotionally sound, 
physically aware and financial freedom bound

Nurtures spiritually, cleaves to integrity
Values respect and does not defile the body sexually
Living life freely but not without discipline
Persistently pursuing God's mercy, priceless peace,
earthly possessions and Spiritual wisdom
Uncompromising to worldly doctrine, unmoved by the latest fad
Ignorance is NOT my daily standard nor true beauty scantily clad
Persevering through struggles, gaining from pain
Never giving up till ALL of my heart desires are obtained

Self- pity is not an option, wallowing in disappointment not allowed
Bossy, Ballin and Beautiful...HELL YEAH I'm PROUD!
Releasing the guilt and pain of ignorant mistakes
that relentlessly attempt to resurrect my past
Resolved to live wiser and productively in the present everyday
Ensuring prosperity, good health and wealth engulfs my future...
MY world, MY way!

MY World, MY Way by Stone

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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