One Night Me or Wifey

by Stone

                              "One Night Me or Wifey"

Cater to his penis; make him want me for a night. 
Captivate his heart; make him need me for LIFE.

Exploit my bodacious booty 
Or hypnotize with inner beauty
Seduce erotically sexually
Or arouse melodious intimacy
Entice with a provocative appearance 
Or astound with sexy mystery

Enact heartless lust filled lap dances 
Or coerce love induced sexual eruptions
Execute monotonous robotic humping
Or evoke passionate penetration

Allow detached "mount it from the back" 
Or desire meaningful uninhibited intimacy
Perform unrestrained "super-head" techniques 
Or stimulate amazing oral gratification

Accept disconnected lip locking
Or implore seducing orgasmic kisses
Entertain 3 a.m. bedroom rendezvous' 
Or insist spooning and sensual cuddling
Impart sloppy second "community" ass 
Or bestow tailor-made monogamous "kitty cat" 

Expectations for One Night Me; Momentary indulgences of the flesh
Minimal standards for Wifey; Significant emotional affection...nothing less

One Night Me or Wifey by Stone

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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