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B.J. Burgins is a poetry, essay and short story writer. Writing now for fifteen years plus, B.J. has currently completed a collection of poems and short stories titled A Starving Mind:Stories and Thoughts, which can be found and purchased via websites Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com.

You can contact Mr. Burgins via e-mail at BBjb48@aol.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by B.J. Burgins


Alice's Poem
Bastard Kids
BLACK BOY (Black Man)
Black Queen In Black Gown
Blue's Residence
Church (Old Time Religion)
'cross from SUGAR Hill
Devil's Masquerade
Egg Nog Blues (Blue Holiday)
For My History
Girlfriend (Spencer Tate the Old Soul, Age 8)
Miracle In ICU
Graceful Queen Mamie
Happening on the Corner
Happily Involved
Lonely is the Heart
Long Live the D.J.
Love(7-5-7): A Haiku
Gone Bad
Mortal (Tortured) Angels: A Haiku
Mr. Li
Mr. Universal (Homage to Nikki G.)
Never Too Old
Nothing But A Desert Drear (A Haiku)
O' Cain (Little Said to Say Much): Haiku Style
One Day the Prince Came
On Smokey (B Writes Smokey)
Parts & Fades
Phantom Finger
Raising Parents (Conscious Observation of A Many, Shooting the Breeze)
Ripple John
Sherry Meshell
Sticky Finger Jones
Take the Children Back
The Addict
The Greatest Muse
The MONsteR! (Spencer Tate the Old Soul, Age 8)
(The Story of Stile T. Webb) A Story Most Ancient
The Warmest Winter: A Haiku
True Love and Desire?
Why We Die Young
Young's Plight: Something Grandma Might Agree With

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