Sweet Candied Memories

by B.J. Burgins

Grandma standing on the porch, yelling at Ma, as her & the kids would enter the '75 Caprice, green and rusted, resembling bad lettuce "Julie make sure you check them children bags and the candy when they unwrap 'em, because these folks doing anything these days"! Ma went as scarecrow, Dad was fresh off work body guard simply I was a flying DC comic legend with a pirate's sword(don't ask why) with Jordan Retro 9s on but I wasn't alone.. Lil' Clint was a 100 Eyed monster and Xiari was a cool caped Dracula, eyes naturally green looking (but hazel I presume now) And all Lil' Clint yelled the whole while, "I got more candy than Y'all! I got more candy than Y'all"! Competitive in the least of things for no reason at all, then a big Ding!!!! as he ran right into the fire hydrant, all those eyes and didn't see a thing.. Satan's birthday?? Whatever, we just looked for the fun and trading candies with each other & the fun of running the neighborhood together ... OF the few we could be out at night for the scary movies are everyday post teen years, full of fright... But Uncle Sam's van egged in Captain D's drive-thru boy how time flew.. Memories like Ghosts a never forgotten sight fun, laughing memories the gr8test plight and before we'd know it there's Thanksgiving and over Aunt Pearl's banana pudding, we'd fight. ??

Sweet Candied Memories by B.J. Burgins

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