Spencer Tate, the Old Soul, Age 8 (Modernism) Pt. 1

by B.J. Burgins

I've seen Superman pull off his cape And fall to the ground. Nothing surprises me And if heaven b a playground Hurry and take me from this town And I'll see people I forgot gone And be n my mainchun(mansion) as Dorothy Love would shout And see old Jesus and hear what he says everything is about Or all day play Fingeroll via George Gervin Or double dunking by the Goat and Sugar Ray Robinson and the Brown Bomber by Ali teaching then to rope'a'dope And hide and seek with Tilia and Ashley and Jeremy Lamar all day With no alarming sirens to cause our hearts to drum play but cloud crash and sun bathe where it's short on night and only angels share good things to say and back riding of witches are outta sight and we run for no reason and wind not only raises our kites but the sweet laughter of God keeping in touch seeing that his children are alright But b heaven is a playground I'll be fine, just hope Mama will see she had one of a kind that just wanted to leave long before his time 'cause it ain't easy down here I just wanna be where it ain't always hard but full of laughter and cheer In the playground called heaven that long long ways from here And superman be the Creator that never was stripped of his cape and never caused his family a tear and guns weren't training wheels or drugs monkey bars and slides but if heaven is a playground happier there than now where I reside.

Spencer Tate, the Old Soul, Age 8 (Modernism) Pt. 1 by B.J. Burgins

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