A Rose for the Gutter

by B.J. Burgins

Where non is expected and it's value shunned instead of interpreted ghetto basin for the stunted raisin is all seen no imagination, aspiration, goals or dreams thought to have, by all observers who've accustomed themselves to cracks spawned by time, and only imagine the other particular to fall in line, blind at it's value and other intent GOD's bestowed, though not constantly seen thru growth, low rated by all yet knows the most and willing to share and reveal ways to vanish from the gutter proceeding to be ghost - all they see is another one under the draining sun destined to be toast - yet lies within, manner they know nothing of, amongst hidden attributes of love but ignorant all surroundings, filled with generational clutter, unable to see the possible overcomings in this different type rose of the gutter.

A Rose for the Gutter by B.J. Burgins

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