On Smokey
(B Writes Smokey)

by B.J. Burgins

With the agony and ecstasy seen, experienced it mysteriously fathoms What Love had Joined Together in the midst of Quiet storms turbulent and private, sounding alarms that'd been adorned to measure tears shed by a clown bound to entertain amidst a tightrope formed from misunderstanding felt only at ease around Christmas time that couldn't fail at rhyme whether liked or dissed, in this round bubble clean faced bearing a bit of stubble longing for a Go-Go in shrewd rubble just my soul responding... within a strange land lived long a virgin man not long enough but if the world refuses the nectar's nourishment, I don't give a damn I am I am.

On Smokey (B Writes Smokey) by B.J. Burgins

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