The Resident

by B.J. Burgins

An old man living in the nursing home Elvis fanatic, wheelchair sitting with sideburns taped on Dark haired gypsy looking wife nailed to his wall, prettier than Priscilla that never came to caress his lasting call A couple of daughters, maybe two just as gorgeous as better than Priscilla looking mama, tried to keep his hair styled as he'd talk out of his head in the evening sun, vintage rockstar sunglasses tightly on trying to bring back memories of a day living was so much fun aside from all else they stuck it out and didn't run hoping the day he'd get better and back home soon murmuring a tune while talking hysterically out of tune; the caring nurses kept an eye out but wasn't present as he silenced with the glow of the moon waving in his room's window.

The Resident by B.J. Burgins

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