Miracle In ICU

by B.J. Burgins

I was always cool cigarette breaks in between pick up games, a bottle of pluck before the first bell rang, a joint on the tracks before football practice breaking in beauties on the water bed mattress - for recreation casually 20 years plus and nothing ever changed didn't pay attention to the coughing shortage of breath & irregular heartbeat full of myself so I didn't find any reason to check it out until I woke up on the bathroom floor blood spewing out my mouth back of the ambulance thinking my beer belly had gotten outta hand, too late to change IV had me in a trance higher than I'd ever been, swollen overhearing voices talking 'bout my colon, tube down my throat not knowing where I was, violently lifting from the bed talking out of my head in & out of consciousness. Sick for home, tell me I was out cold for a week or so, sedated and when I came to I realized I didn't want to get right right no mo', only way I could let my folks know I was still alive was by squeezing their hands when they'd call my name. And I found peace and witnessed a personal revelation from the substance, spiritual by-way of the life giver, despite being sick at the liver up and doing fine to start anew after that Miracle in ICU.

Miracle In ICU by B.J. Burgins

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