Lonely is the Heart

by B.J. Burgins

So lonely is the heart when it goes out hunting, searching for that spark it believes will keep it beating, longing for a love and going after it boldly in the midst of a land that treats it coldly. Not knowing how to die with every inch of it's being it gives life another try over and over until it's just tired and worn, stressed and strained steadily hunting for a purpose to keep it going over and over again. Yet a bold heart will put aside the fear of being punctured, for the heart is a lonely hunter. Searching for something no other can give or understand as it shifts and rebuilds within a losing game, yet continuously searching for what it knows it needs over and over again- whether it's satisfaction or a dear friend, not thinking twice of the past's punctures- and the world is filled with such hearts that are embedded in the shells of lonely hunters.

Lonely is the Heart by B.J. Burgins

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