(The Story of Stile T. Webb)
A Story Most Ancient

by B.J. Burgins

I was around five when grandpa got shot and my brother died, seemed like I was born into hell, cause the fields were bare and all Pop's crops died.. Mama and daddy had long left, left me behind by six I was stealing potato sacks and running drinks in the saloon, trouble followed me and everytime the neighbors would see me they'd run and yell "Boom boom"! Had my first woman by nine and first pair of shoes by twelve, then the first piece of advice ever given came a few months later from a bootlegger who knew my people, and he say something like "You could be much more if you get the hell from 'round here - take on the world and have no fear". I laced my shoes, wiped my tears and never even looked back, slipped on some gravel slept in a ditch and hoboed on the CSX when it set out on the adjoining tracks. Landed north and it seemed I was hauling lifeless bodies a hour after getting inta town - seen much darkness so seeing others with their lids closed wasn't scary at all, hearse pusher by day numbers women whiskey and harmonica by night. Five years ahead 17 1/2 finished enough schooln' to get a piece of paper with my name on it after the few classes that'd helped - A lady & two kids, a two room flat to live, a few hustles and investments doing ok, three on the side, had a nice Dynaflow had my hands way up when they came thru the do' talking I'd helped embezzle from the white folks funeral home and was pandering outta O'Shett's at the same time, I screamed they were lying hit one in the chin, cut one 'cross the belly leaped on the fire escape jumped in the car packed up the kids and wife, got on 'cause I knew things was smelly - went cross the river and sat awhile, lady worked and I helped bring up the children dodging drops from old pigeons. Opened up a place got comfortable showing my face sold drinks, ladies & took photos and landed a couple in a national magazine, under the table hustles I got no doze abled to get my family a few more clothes. A lil' ups and downs here and there but damnit! I tried with the little I'd been handed so I figured that's how GOD planned it, so around 29 got in touch with that spiritual side and started paying attention to the wind and things unseen and some of those awakening dreams. ent to service everytime the doors opened for 2 years, was trusted to handle the money then somehow things got funny and old reflexes led me on the hunt, ended up in the joint did a short stint family waiting with open arms, back at home king of the lonelies, master of charms PhD in con but I never admitted to being a bum everything wasn't fun yet I learned alot sought and got failed and came up with another plot to get by didn't give up and kept my head to the sky. Shot at, lied on trusted distrusted loved pampered & spoiled neglected played played with and trampled Still Here, full of life as when I had to hustle potatoes but I give advice and closure to those with a bad rap and early exposure to hard times and thangs until time comes I'll try to help out by making a change and giving someone a chance.

(The Story of Stile T. Webb) A Story Most Ancient by B.J. Burgins

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