Sherry Meshell

by B.J. Burgins

Had this unexplainable complexion torn between lite brown and dark yellow - well we were only 7th graders but she was tall for our ages, could tell she had good hair but a perm or two or just time had broken it off and damaged it a little, and she had the strangest habit playing tunes on a lil' old fiddle. But we'd laugh man we'd have fun, her eyes would change colors under the trees in the sun - she'd give me lots of attention & I'd give her the same I'd cheat off her test papers she'd write me letters and we fell heavy & it wasn't a game. I'd sneak thru her window when on her side of town, listen to Outkast and Boosie when our age group mood would come down, then we'd fall into our souls I'd start humming she'd start strumming her fiddle and we'd come up with some awesome tunes middle school got high and we'd blush in passing by, but new things and environments sometimes changes us all I guess. Her grandma passed and Sherry Meshell moved away, and never again have I seen Sherry to this day and I still wonder why - though have heard tale she's doing well, helping others and even giving new starts, and I still wonder if she remembers me because I've never forgotten my first love Sherry the first girl to break my heart. In melancholy days I can hear the tunes upon the fiddle she used to play, that distinguished voice and the mesmerizing things she used to say - her grown up hairstyle and moody eyes angelic skin tone and ambitious mind that I wrapped myself around, thinking we'd be together all the time I wonder if she remembers me and the songs we swore we'd record, maybe by happenstance she'll fall into the studio, but still I wonder if our memories are just in my mind....

Sherry Meshell by B.J. Burgins

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