Crack Baby

by B.J. Burgins

"Natural water bottles pop sets me off" a groovy bass line plays in his head and he never picked up a guitar, a clean sax solo swings back and forth in his ears and he never held any brass. "Mama on her knees setting the undercover detective's sirens off daddy suppose to be this older hustler I'm known as the family feather rustler" nobody understands but silently everybody knows, holes in socks dingy clothes - "they try to teach but they're hypocrites, stingy" but they feel I'm a crime that never acquits other side of the tree snakes wrapped around the stem say I'm not any of their kin publicly, nobody pays attention to me - gonna go swallow a whole bottle of Tylenol if the rope snaps premature mindset normal physical appearance limited endurance no love or set assurance - always in a fight cain't get right older brother don't like me my skin's too light. "You got something I want I'm taking It!" no time for asking I'm barely making it want you to feel what I've felt my whole life grief, instability "Let me take that off your hands" gives me relief gaining what I'll never have. " Bless those being fed dog food in the womb, though I choked on rat poison thru the umbilical cord, give them a better path "

Crack Baby by B.J. Burgins

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