Thin As Water Seems (Broke Song)

by B.J. Burgins

Lend me a Hundred, all I need is 1Thousand.. So many are feeling sad, because they think they aren't much for the lack of things had And some even bitter because of riches they've yet to finance Others stuck on ignorance walking around, stoned on an evil trance And the good ones suffer even more, let alone the artist always stolen from and yet to receive the stated advance And the hating never quavers just look at the present behaviors... And people are being stood up businesses that were loved now only hold their employees up cheating the pay, forgetting to place the overtime, needed time, and the benefits lack Leaving so many thin at the pockets gas prices, gauging grocery taxes leaving no room for wanted lockets Thin art the giving, sturdy is the weight of the price on living.

Thin As Water Seems (Broke Song) by B.J. Burgins

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