Future Shock!

by B.J. Burgins

How much more will people take before they decide to fight back For goodness sake? the grooved rides better than the paved long ways from bondage, but at the turn around seems to be heard silent whispers of enslavement. Change it to 4 out of 5 Black males will own their own businesses by the time they turn 25; statistical chaos tells me the violent tongues and devious minds are more than bias - Where do you see yourself? The grooved pavement rides better than the paved Fbook live, nodding away skin popping in alley dives, kids onlooking wondering if ma & dad will survive - where you be? where you heading? in this time of misleading, cannibalism, on each other we're feeding When you're gone what will you be leaving?

Future Shock! by B.J. Burgins

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