by B.J. Burgins

Happy New Years! Happy New Years!!! pulling up and greeting to such a meeting for old time's sake, those people we know from a familial acquaintance where we be real and throw away fake, to let loose and celebrate the making into the new sandwiched space hugs, kisses and smiling faces, standing room only if you arrived a lil' too late as the elders deserve sitting chairs to enjoy and congregate - fried fish, potato salad, sweet potato pie a few beans, black eyed peas, perfume and cologne fill the air where all present bodies intend to be awhile before thinking of going home moving to the porch to entertain listening neighbors struggling to bed, while our voices & laughter ring in their heads. Auntie, Uncle, Ma, Daddy and them shuffle to the jams indoors that find their way onto the porch while many are toasting, saying what they're thankful for and others roasting each other on things long before and shared jokes that've never gotten old, as a couple memories bring out the refrain "That sho' was cold" followed by loud chokes of laughter, as others boast about what the new year will bring 'em and what they're gonna do, while the liars that can't stand to be out-done or talked, chime in "That's what I'm gonna do too"! , half truths and full trash at this bash so pleasant and hearty, this new year's party.

Partee by B.J. Burgins

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