Egg Nog Blues (Blue Holiday)

by B.J. Burgins

A fifteen inch mahogany table dressed with Christmas knickknacks, an ashtray stationary on the left corner, a coffee mug filled to the brim nearby as the occupant lounges on the couch, pajama bottoms, dress shirt and a loose tie; from Christmas lights reflected thru his living room window from a neighboring estate, in the dim room a tear spots his eye - another lonely Christmas, once again refraining from attending the invite because he doesn't want to spoil the party, once hearty he finds it necessary to be alone hoping a lost love will ring the phone. A spike, syringe, good drink, a cigarette to compliment the binge, a nod for the cheerful, soulful Christmas classics who's intros awaken his stupor bringing back the thought to go ahead and call the local Uber, a runny nose and slob stains reminiscing of snowy family holidays that've found him sorrowful for times that've changed in between, holiday blooper.

Egg Nog Blues (Blue Holiday) by B.J. Burgins

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