Chereen Fredericks

Tanya Chereen Fredericks is a teacher in an Elementary school, currently studying to get her Masters in Library science. She is the mother of a very beautiful, very busy two year old boy, Devin which means poet and she says "his birth has definitely given life to my poetic creativity."

She began writing poetry shortly after he was born and has recently started to compile her first collection of poetry entitled "From The Heart." She says "it is essentially my heart and soul on paper." She offers the following quote by Langston Hughes: "Words are the paper and string to package, to wrap up from the inside out the poet's concentric waves of contact with the living world. Each poet makes of words his own highly individualized wrappings for the segments of life he wishes to present... Skilled or unskilled, wise or foolish, nobody can write a poem without revealing something of himself..."

She goes on to say "I find this to be very TRUE!! My poetry is much of my life experiences as a Black Women and as a Single Mom, and it reveals alot of raw emotion. I write what I'm 'feelin.' I enjoy writing poetry and hope to someday have my poems published."

Ms. Fredericks is also working on a manuscript entitled "I Weep For The Women I Was." In her free time she loves to read, especially the work of authors such as Terry Mcmillan, Bebe Moore Campbell, and Alice Walker, women who opened up a whole new area of African American literature.

You can contact Ms. Fredericks via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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