Girrl Friend

by Chereen Fredericks

Why are men so afraid to commit it makes good women wanna say to hell with 
this shit? While your out there "half assin" lyin' and scheming, running 
around and having sex without meaning. I lay awake in my bed as visions of my 
man's cheating mess up my head. My heart feels heavy as realization sets in 
"All I was to him was a fuck friend" A partner in passion, heart, soul, and 
mind detached, a purely physical existence how did it come to that?
I was cooking him dinner and keeping him well fed, didn't know I was just an
ornament to decorate his bed. What about the gifts and all the tokens of my 
appreciation, along with my body they were his for the taken. But what about 
the promises he made under the covers? Girrl Friend that was just another 
hard dick masquerading as a sincere brother. 

  I closed my eyes to try and block out the sight, of some other women 
getting the "good lovin' tonight" I looked at the clock it was well past ten, 
picked up the phone and paged him again, answered the phone on the first 
ring. The women on the other end laughed and said "Girrl friend didn't you 
know you was just a sex thing."

Heart and soul felt heavy as the phone dropped to the floor and I silently 
vowed to be in this situation no more. How the hell did this come to such a 
painful end, Girrl friend that's what happens when your lovers before friends 
See it's not so much that men are afraid to commit it's that we as women put 
up with their shit. We lower our standards and let them "run game" then 
wonder why we're filled with such heartache and pain. We keep walking the 
wire of pain and desire looking for real love in between, and I know sista's 
know exactly what I mean. We give up our power and role as a Nubian Queen and 
let this man become our "everything" We put him first, ourselves a distant 
last, then before you know it your a women of his past. 

So sista if this situation is even vaguely familiar to you, get yourself 
together Girrl friend and do whatever you have to, to make your life happy 
and complete, Don't wait on some prince charming you may never meet.

Girrl Friend by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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