Last Night

by Chereen Fredericks

Last Night I had a dream,
now let me explain exactly what I mean.

Only you and I were there,
scented candles were everywhere.
Rose petals made a path
to where you sat in a bubble bath.
Bubbles covered your "spot"
just looking at you made me feel hot.

I gently scrubbed your back,
while silently plotting my next place to attack.

Soul music filled the ear,
while I slipped out of my underwear.

My brown sugar kisses touched your lips,
while you caressed my breasts and hips.

I moaned and called out your name
baby your touch is driving me insane,
let's put an end to this waiting game".

I rubbed your smooth brown skin,
as you touched me where life begins.

You pulled me close and brought yourself inside,
it felt so good I almost cry.

It had been such a long time,
but the real event surpassed what had been in my mind.

You moaned and said "it feels so good!,"
But hadn't you always known it would?

You held my body tight,
and whispered "I could do this all night."

It seemed like hours while we made a commotion,
deeply lost in loves emotion,
the water moving around us like an ocean.

You draped a towel on the floor,
finding a new position you wanted to explore.

You slid in from the back,
sexually chemistry is something we definitely didn't lack.

I screamed and begged you not to stop,
you gladly obliged me as you got on top.

I looked up at your face,
amazed at your sexual grace.

Our eyes closed as we met as one,
a deeper level we had just begun.
Transformed from one reality to another,
I thanked God you are my lover

I opened my eyes and saw a vacant space,
and empty pillow had taken your place.

It had all been a dream,
things weren't what they seemed.

Last night I had a dream and you were there,
but to have to dream about making love to you seems so unfair.

Last Night by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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