You're Not Feeling Me!

by Chereen Fredericks

Dedicated to Steven B.

You built a wall strong and tall,
you won't let anybody in, not a lover, not even a friend.

You reach out but recoil back,
afraid of "LOVES ATTACK"

Afraid it will suck you in,
own your heart and hurt you again.

Your touch is another story told,
of a man who can't open up his soul.

Your kiss is a bitter, sweet taste,
of a desire you're willing to waste.

You hide behind such excuses and lies,
to avoid the truth in your own eyes, 

you have wants and needs too,
but aren't able to see them through.  

No amount of love or admiration
will change this hopeless situation.

The change must come from within you,
and that's not something your ready to do.

So while I've made love to you a million times in my mind,
the real event will go undefined.

I'll walk away I cannot stay,
to have my feeling played with this way.

To one day be a close friend, 
the next feel your coldness again.

To allow myself to become closer to you, 
and end up alone when you're through.

Your "time" you've kept under lock and key,
keeping your heart far away from me.
I may be looking on the dark side, 
but time after time you've hurt my pride.

I know you see yourself as an Innocent man,
in this world doing the best you can,
and when you've been cruel to me I've tried to understand.

But even understanding comes to the end,
when your not being treated as a real friend,

when feelings are hurt, plans broken,
so much of what I feel still unspoken.
      It doesn't take a genius to see,
               "YOU'RE NOT FEELING ME!"

You're Not Feeling Me! by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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