A Living Doll

by Chereen Fredericks

I am a living doll that you take off the shelf at times when you want to
impress yourself, with the Pretty Young Thing you have retained.

     And as King you feel it is your time to reign. So you take me out to
play a few days at a time invading my heart, soul, body, and mind. You hold
me up like a prize never noticing the sadness in my eyes. You've become a
stranger to me you say a lot but you're unaware of how to please.

During my time on the shelf I can't think of anything else but how "good
this could be if only you wanted me to stay, instead of a living doll you take
out whenever you wanted to play. And those days when I'm left on the shelf, I do
whatever it takes to amuse myself, your own living doll waiting for you to
take me out and play for a while. Until it's time for you to put me back in
my place, a living doll, but just another pretty, used, lonely and
disrespected face.

Well, your reign as King has come to an end because I'm no longer looking
for an owner but a friend. Someone who doesn't put me on display and really cares
about what I have to say. A man who wants me for more than part of the time,
a man who respects and values my mind.  A man who isn't looking for a trophy
wife but a soulmate to share his life.

    I am not a living doll! I'm a women who tried to bring you pleasure but
"daddy" you've lost this treasure. By treating me like a Black Barbie, or
some kind of ego building hobby.

A Living Doll by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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