by Chereen Fredericks

My Kindness falls like rain and washes you away,
you look at me and tell me you can't stay,
You're not ready to commitment in this way.
Maybe we'll meet again another day,
until then in your heart is where I'll stay.

"Baby it's better this way." I hear you softly whisper,
while I imagine how life would be if I were Cinderella,
and fit the glass slipper.
A prince charming and life happily ever after,
with love, romance respect and plenty of laughter.

I look at you, my eyes pleading with you to change your mind,
even through your still there you've already left me far behind.
You say you want to be my friend,
but inside I know we've reached our end.
This is something I can't transcend
going from being your lover to just being a friend,
it's almost something I can't comprehend.
I still feel the love we share;
the love that you say is no longer there.
I can't help but think this is so unfair.

I slip back to my dream of being like Cinderella,
a fairy Godmother to make Magic.
A sparkle of hope in a love life so tragic,
going off in a horse drawn carriage
a beautiful start to a fulfilling marriage.

I hold you close but can't say what's on my mind,
your body language tells me this has been coming for the longest time,
You'd left me long before you told me you were going,
you stopped loving me but there was no way of me knowing.
Yes, I sensed your distance from time to time
but I told myself it was all in my mind.
Looking through the eyes of love it was just to hard to see
that I was still loving you but you weren't loving me.
Isn't it funny how the "left lover" is the last to know,
a broken heart with no where to go.
A pain a girl like Cinderella would never know.

Cinderella by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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