Children of Mother Africa

by Chereen Fredericks

What happens to a motherless child without love, nurturing, respect, and
guidance will it grow wild?

Sometimes I feel like A motherless child.

       Am I a descendant of the royalty of Timbuktu, or the Ashanti weavers
of Ghana? My life history is filled with such mystery, let honor.

Sierra Leone is where I might have called home had I not been taken away to
a place called America where I remain today.

What was life like in the Congo I've forgotten it was so long ago
Since I've heard about the land so rich with resources like diamonds and
gold, is my ancestry a story that can't be told?

Was I meant to be part of the Vai tribe carrying baskets on my head with so
much pride on Liberian soil I would stride, with so much peace and love on
the inside?

I may never know Niger, because the people who teach me just don't care about
my heritage and birth right, so I dream of Kenya everynight, and hope someday
to win the fight and be strong enough to make it back home to Somalia where
I'd be free to roam.

I desire Ethiopia although some have lost hope for you I know that you are
mine, your soil is in my bloodline.
  And while the rich vacation in Morocco it's a land I just don't know and
doubt I ever will but I pray for my motherland still.

My spirit yearns for Egypt the "Holy land" a Mecca for every women child and
man. On the continent of Africa someday I'll stand. And finally see the
Motherland with my family hand and hand, and greatfully join my rightful clan.
Until then America is where I am. A
Motherless child in a foreign land,

What happens to a motherless child?

Children of Mother Africa by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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