I'm Still A Sistuh!

by Deja' Rae with Chereen Fredericks

I'm still a Sistuh enjoying my reign,
Although my life has been filled with happiness and pain.
I embrace it all,
And rise up standing tall.

I'm still a Sistuh strong, bold and brash,
Commanding respect and ready to attack.
Life with pride! and vigor!
Yes, it's me… a damn proud Sistuh!

I'm still a Sistuh although my sisterhood
has died a thousand deaths.
I reawakened it with my life's breath.
Took a pilgrimage to Philly Penn,
To build my sistuhhood up again.
I use the strength of my ancestor's
that paid the ultimate price,
Some with their body… and some with their life.

I'm still a Sistuh reaching for the sky
Don't want God's blessing to pass me by.
Everyday I know beyond a doubt
that HE is who I can't live without.

I'm still a Sistuh proud of it I am,
Whether or not my heart holds a man.
I'm Satisfied with what God has blessed me with,
Life, joy, friends, children, the most wonderful gifts!

I'm still a Sistuh although my road has been rough,
Men have said they loved me and I've had to call their bluff!
They play with me… I leave them in a puff,
And bounce back stronger, determined and tough!

I'm still a Sistuh, single mother, wife and mother,
you name it I've done it.
Give me the corporation I'll run it!
Just like my Sistuh's Oprah and Ms. Angelou!
I display my best,
Leaving trails of success!

I'm still a Sistuh
Not a hoe, hootchie or freak,
 What I am is something very unique.
I demand you take notice and watch my smoke,
Because this Sistuh here ain't no joke!

But don't judge my sisterhood by the shade of my skin,
Judge me by what comes from within.
I'm a Sistuh a Beautiful Black Sistuh that's all I have to say,
I'm a Sistuh and I will be until my dying day.

I'm Still A Sistuh! by Deja' Rae with Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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