What is Black Love?

by Chereen Fredericks

  The Black love of long ago...

   Is Black love what went on in the slave's quarters, in quiet defiance of
the Master's orders. The only way to marry was to jump a broom, and later
shred tears of joy, yet despair for the child growing inner womb.

 A life spent trying to keep a family together and off the selling block
forever. Not wanting to become another strange fruit hanging from the vine,
a lifeless body killed way before it's time.

  Was their struggle that kept their Black love strong, in the face of
adversity while trying to prove the white man wrong? Maybe it was the
spiritual healing of amazing grace that soothed and inspired overcoming all
the obstacles they faced.

 "Come by here my lord" they sang and prayed is that why their Black love
lasted and stayed?

  The Black love of today...

     What is Black love like away from the eyes of the watchful Master why
are today's Black love relationships in a state of natural disaster?  Why are
Black men leaving when they're not being forced from their home, this time
they're leaving their loved ones through the choice of their own? Have we
given up the desire to keep our families and communities together, will this mass
confusion last forever?  We're not marrying but creating babies momma's
beautiful, black babies being born into a real life dramas. A million Nubian
men in Washington, thousands of sista's in Philly Penn and we still couldn't
put it back together again.

Come by here my lord we need to sing and pray and help rectify this
situation before Judgment Day.

What is Black Love? by Chereen Fredericks

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