by Chereen Fredericks

My mommy is a teacher, my dad's missing in action,
I guess that's why Black women think they can't get no satisfaction.

If men are always leaving children in their wake,
who will teach us about the responsibilities we should take.

My Mommy says a good education will get me the best,
but if "My daddy ain't nothin' will I be even less?"

If my postive role models are slim to none,
My sole ojective becomes just having fun.
 too will leave babies in my wake,
Responsibility is something I've learned not to take.

Sit back and watch the future repeat the past,
As a good daddy I won't last.

I guess I'll be another rolling stone,
leaving my babies on thier own.

Child's support is something I won't pay,
you gotta new boyfriend anyway.

See you in court and just to stall time,
I'mo tell that judge I don't think the the baby is mine.

I'll spend the money and take the test,
but i'm skipping out on the rest.

Maybe in the future i'll be a good dad,
And give my son the things I never had.

For now Mommy must act as two,
And do the job I was meant to do.

Don't hate me I know it's hard to understand,
but nobody taught me how to be a GOOD Black Man.

Remember my Daddy left me too,
isn't that what daddies are suppose to do?

Somewhere some man must make a change,
and end this cycle of pain.

Yes sometimes I hurt inside,
I left my child I have no pride.

I wish I was man enough to right this wrong,
love my child and carry on.

this I fear just won't be,
After all my daddy didn't love me.

So mother you must do your best,
love our child and all the rest.

Teach him what you can,
Most importantly teach him how to be a Good Black Man.

Don't ask me how to do this how would I know,
After all my daddy was a "No Show"

So when you're feeling tired and all alone,
Keep in mind our mothers did it all on their own.

It's nothing new, girl, it's part of Black History,
written throughout our culture for all people to see.

I gotta go there's nothin' more to say,
but don't be suprised if you hear I got another baby on the way.

Daddy? by Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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