I'm Every Woman

by Chereen Fredericks & Tracy Mckever

Always a woman

I'm always a woman from sun up to sundown.
Mother, sister, daughter, woman
I always wear the crown.
Crowned a strong Black woman
And let me tell me exactly what that means......
I am the end all be all everybody's everything!
I can be delicate as trinkets on a bracelet,
or sensitive and wear my heart on my sleeve?
When I say I'm always a woman,
it's a statement you better believe.
Because I'm strong don't doubt my sensuality,
and say sexiness is not part of my reality.
You claim I emasculate, that's why "I can't get a date."
So once and for all let's clear the slate
and hear what I have to say,
If you can't stand the heat get outta the way!

I'm always a woman...from my toes to my cornrows....
I define my future...not the threads of my clothes
I'm a woman ... strong black woman. Hear me roar
Spreading my wings wide, like my pride....watch me soar...
When I'm in pain the whole world sheds tears of rain
Mother Nature....been that way for years...ain't nothing change
When I walk it thunders
What I've built let no man tear asunder
What I have touched let it shine
My path...may it only get better with time
So you see I'm a woman, an all true woman
A strong black woman
A no game playing woman
No cards to cut...sophisticated elegance with my strut
this is my world...and the rest are just squirrels and nuts.

..... but don't view my strength as over powering
or my sensitivity as devouring,
when I walk in the room don't start cowering
I 'm always a women make no mistake about it,
even when others try to doubt it.
I'm mother Africa birthplace of the cradle of civilization.
I'm always a woman
Said without hesitation.
My crowns stays in place due to my elegance and grace,
my beautiful Black face.
A strong Black woman that moves at her on pace.
I'm always a woman. I know I said it before
strong, sensitive, intelligent beautiful black woman,
No man could ask for more.
I'm always a woman!

I'm Every Woman by Chereen Fredericks & Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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