Tracy Mckever

Tracy Mckever is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Maryland. Tracy's first love is writing. She feels nothing can reach the soul like verbal expression and music. She has been writing every since the tender age of 15. She currently holds a B.A in Communications. Tracy's long term goal is to publish her poetry and to discover internal peace. Tracy's advice to all writers is to write from the heart because the heart never runs out of ink.

Ms. Mckever is also a member of the TimBookTu collaborative group called Nubian Reign. She writes under the name PoetiCCessence and as RadiKalSistah. Check out her work as part of this group effort.

You can contact Ms. Mckever via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Tracy Mckever

A Fornicator's Testimony
All Black Men Are Not Dogs with Gaptoothbrotha
And You Wonder!
A Perfect 10
Being A Black Man Doesn't Come Cheap! with B.T. Bonner
Between Me and My Sisters
Bills, Bills, Bills?
Black Hate with Jamal Sharif
Black Love with Alvin Bates
Black Love for the Sistah's with LaVerne Curtis
Broken Mirror
B-tween You and I
Cipher with Laverne Curtis, B.T. Bonner & Erica MacMillan
Collaboration: Searching the Internet for a Date?! with Gaptoothbrotha
Dead President with B.T. Bonner
Double Take with Gaptoothbrotha
For Realin' with Zamounde
For Sail as RadiKalSistah with RadiKalSon
Friend or Foe as RadiKalSistah
Giving Birth to A King with LaVerne Curtis
Giving It Up! with LaVerne Curtis
Hearse's Kisses as RadiKalSistah with RadiKalSon
Hunchback with Randall Longshore
I'm Every Woman with Tracy Mckever
In Black In White
Is This Love? with RIP
Light with RIP
Los Caballeros with Cheeren Fredricks & Gaptoothbrotha
Love or Lust with LaVerne Curtis & Jamal Sharif
Love in the Next Millennium? with Gaptoothbrotha
Make Ya Head Nod (This Ain't No Fairy Tale) with Gaptoothbrotha
No Reason
Nubian Essence with RIP
Open Mic Movement
Passion Fruit
Picture This
Poetry Erotica
Prisoners of Love with Daryl Horton
School-House Shock as the RadiKals
Scorned as RadiKalSistah with RadiKalSon
Serenity with RIP
So Long with RIP
Super Man & Woman as RadiKalSistah with RadiKalSon
The Gift Unnoticed
The Last Days
The Wedding with RIP
U Were There with RIP
What A Waste! as RadiKalSistah with RadiKalSon
What I Need with RIP
Why Should I Be Mad?

Works on TimBookTu as PoetiCCessence


3 Dimensions
American Pie
A Response To An Apology From A Man To A Woman
Got Milk?
Mind Tripping
Subliminal Insanity
The Souls Ascension with RadiKalson
What Is...and Watts Not!

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