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The Gaptoothbrotha is a single father raising three daughters currently residing in Inglewood, California. Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, he currently works as a Management Analyst in the city of Los Angeles.

You can contact the Gaptoothbrotha to comment on his work by sending an e-mail to or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by the Gaptoothbrotha


Business Decisions


911 (Duality)
A Father Teaches His Son - Imparting Knowledge
A 'Hoe Is A 'Hoe
All Black Men Are Not Dogs with Tracy Mckever
And God Created the Black Woman
Big Game Hunter
Black Women
Civil War
Collaboration: Searching the Internet for a Date?! with Tracy Mckever
Conversation Piece
Crash Test Dummy with Trina Williams-Emigh
Diggin You - Part II with Chereen Fredericks
Double Take
Feeling You
Finishing the Game (Game Over) with Trina Williams-Emigh
For Old Times Sake with Trina Williams-Emigh
Freedom in Writing with Trina Williams-Emigh
Give Me Something I Can Feel! with Chereen Fredericks
Growing Up/Back in the Day
Least Heaven Be Denied with Trina Williams-Emigh
I Dreamt of Africa with Trina Williams-Emigh
Los Caballeros with Tracy Mckever & Chereen Fredericks
Love in the Next Millennium? with Tracy Mckever
Love Needs Our Help
Loving You
Made In America with Trina Williams-Emigh
Make Ya Head Nod (This Ain't No Fairy Tale) with Tracy Mckever
Nature Rises
Nice & Rough with B.T. Bonner
Not Another Love Poem
Rose Garden
She Offers Sanctuary
Slave with Trina William-Emigh
The Flow
The Ghetto Lullaby with Trina Williams-Emigh
The Sacrificial Nigga with Trina Williams-Emigh
Three, Five, Seven
Until She Loves Me
Until the Suspects Have Been Found with Trina Williams-Emigh
We Shall Over Come? with Trina William-Emigh
What I Have Learned On My Journey Through Life
When I See Her


Civil War - A Letter From the Front No. 1
Civil War - A Letter From the Front No. 2
Civil War - A Letter From the Front No. 3
Civil War - A Letter From the Front No. 4
Here Comes the Honey Man: A Tribute to My Father
Kobe's Getting Married
The Day My Mother Saved My Life: She Tried To Kill Me!

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