Double Take

by Tracy Mckever & Gaptoothbrotha

Here's the situation that I want to talk about
The time has come to call my brothers and sisters out
The problem has been occurring for far too long
If I don't speak up now it will continue to go on
When is a man a dog and when is a woman a hoe?
Answers I'm sure we all would like to know
Unfortunately the answers are not obtainable
Because dual standards are being set causing major trouble
Sistahs are crucified when they emulate what men do everyday
But when a brother does it...he's just being a man so we look away
When we set sexual exemptions for gender I take it rather personal
Airing everyone's dirty laundry out and making it controversial
Political matters of the heart that need to be addressed
Calling for a mandatory meeting to discuss the ethics of sex
A complex issue I must admit nonetheless it must be dealt with
Extract essential elements from the root and bring them to the surface
Brothers just because you have a penis doesn't make you a man
Sisters just because you may be labeled a hoe doesn't make it a permanent

This subject can be very painful!
Worst yet, very shameful!
It's like sticking needles in your eyes?
Can we be honest with one another or will we continue to resort to lies!
Listen to me close.  I don't stutter when I say, "A man can be a hoe!"
Especially, when he's foolin' around with every Mary, Jane, and even Joe
Brothas stop believing a myth
A MAN isn't define by how many women he has slept with
He's defined by the way he takes on responsibility
And the way he utilizes his God given ability
Brotha, if you're thinking with your little head you're being deceived!
Leaving sistahs confused, hurt, and peeved
Yes, ladies there is double standard!
But, tell me do you really want to emulate a man?
Living an immoral life of sin!
Let's be honest a brotha doesn't care that you like a change of pace
As long as you're givin' him a taste
Wait! Hold up! Let me flip the script!
Is it the word, the concept or are you mad everyone knows you've dip?
Don't we brand brothas who are constantly on the prowl?
Calling them dogs as they bark and growl.
Let's face it.
The word is the problem. Leaving a Scarlet brand.
A brand reserved for women and not for men.

Double Take by Tracy Mckever & Gaptoothbrotha

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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