by Gaptoothbrotha

911 9 - one -1 ainít no joke       the twins up the street jus         got smoked terrorism has now hit home america welcome to the terrordome a fly-by in a high rent neighborhood feeliní inner city terror somthiní many never understood who has the resources the capacity the audacity to attack? a trained CIA op! shoviní a plunger handle up capitalism like a nypd cop too many didnít know on september 11, 2001 they were about to die! many of us are left wondering why?

Duality as I wipe tears from my eyes I begin to hear whispers, am I a patriot? am I loyal to america? must I pass anotha test! itís the duality of the skin Iím in a black man was the first to die for independence? every conflict, every war I fought! for my liberty I was always willing to die! but, no one ever cried no tears ever fell no open arms or a pat on the back waitiní for me when I returned home jusí lynchings beatings segregation castration second class status self-worth deflated lucky to be ignored most of the time jusí plain hated! But I still pledged allegiance to the flag I fight for liberty freedom loyalty unity but, when victory is won once again will I be the one america turns on? continue to deny me its native son the flag with its stars and bars what does it represent? stars from being beat by an officerís club? bars of a jail cell? land of the free home of the brave and justice for all!?

911(Duality) by the Gaptoothbrotha

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