Nice & Rough

by B.T. Bonner and the Gaptoothbrotha

Most of the time when you read one of our poems it's uplifting, 
encouraging, nice, and easy.  But, sometimes we have rough days. 
As hard working brothers navigating our why through Amerikkka, 
we run into individuals who disrespect us. So, we're going to 
flip the script and kick a little known fact to you, just 
because we wear shirts and ties doesn't mean we can't come hard!

I should've pull your heart out by way of your throat
Watch the blood flow as you choke
You're still standing cause I've got control
Of urban instincts learn a long time ago
Thinking that you're cool
It's because I'm with my little girls I won't act a fool
Now you're talking trash - mad dogging!
Thinking that you're safe
I step to you. Now what? As your grin falls off your face
While I shake your hand (Squeezing!)
I'm not your friend! But, a grown man!
As you fall down in pain on one knee
"Son, you make the street want to come out in me!"
"If we were alone, I would have hurt you!"
By the expression on my face you know what I say is true
Boy, you're lucky! That's no lie!
Fools like you misinterpret, cause you see a shirt and tie
The Lord gave me the strength to walk away!
"Damn! Before I ran across this you I was having a good day!"

Let's take a walk to the other side of the tracks
Two men enter but only ones comin' back
You're paralyzed from the pain shootin through your legs
From the butt to the knees from a 12 gauge 
Watching your life expectancy before the blast
Seeping through your mind like sand through the hourglass  
Cause I went from a Black Clark Kent mild-mannered and quiet
To the brotha burning your ass like the LA riots     
While your wondering what got you here
At the same time sh*tting and steppin" in your own fear
Thought that disrespect sh*t was a one way street
Now you'd go down on the devil to get away from me
Duck tape around the mouth you should have kept closed
Instead of huffin' all up  
Thinkin' you all swole
Now you're waiting in fear for your drama to unfold
Face down, sniffin dirt, you dug your own hole!

Nice & Rough by B.T. Bonner and Gaptoothbrotha

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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