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B.T. Bonner is Brett Tyler Bonner, a 33-year-old office assistant and student attending Loyola University of Chicago. He has been writing poetry for about 11 years and is currently working on a project that he plans to self-publish this summer.

Brett states that "I've enjoyed writing poems that help me understand my life and the lives of those around me. Poems that help me make sense of this world. This very necessary form of expression allows my soul to be heard through my words. At the same time, speaking my words Aloud has given me the confidence to speak out against the woes of our society and to try to bring about changes through Black Awareness and most importantly, Black Unity. Poetry can ease burdens, mend broken hearts or drop the truth dead in your face. It can be playful or represent torment within ones soul. It can make you laugh or cry. It can mean everything to someone and nothing at all to someone else, all at the same time. The true *Power of Poetry* does not lie in the pen, it lives in the heart."

Mr. Bonner is also a member of the TimBookTu collaborative group called Nubian Reign. Check out his work as part of this group written under the pen name of RadiKalson.

You can contact Mr. Bonner via e-mail at BonnerbrettT@sau.edu or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by B.T. Bonner


Blond Hair, Black Braids


Accidental but Justified
America the Beautiful with Doc Williams
An Ode to Nerissia (LNCB)
An Ode to Poetry
Are We All God's Children?
Are You Ready with Trina Williams-Emigh
As Temptation Enters with Trina Williams-Emigh
Baby Boy
Baby's Breath featuring R. "Chosen Man" Bonner
Black Hearts and Minds
Black Men on Park Benches
Blacks Anonymous
Blue-Eyed Devil with Trina Williams-Emigh
Can I Taste You?
Can You Answer This? with LaVerne Curtis
Cipher with Tracy Mckever, Laverne Curtis & Erica MacMillan
Complain'N on the Late Train
Confessions of an Emotional Packrat
Court is in Session with Trina Williams-Emigh
Dark Angel's Flight
Dead President with Tracy Mckever
Deeper Than The Shade Of My Skin with Trina Williams-Emigh
De? JaVu with LaVerne Curtis
Don't Call Me Nigger
Don't Shoot the Messenger
En- Jail -ed (Welcome Home Brutha...I Aint Seen You In A While...)
Feelin' Real Black
For Sail as RadiKalSon with RadiKalSistah
From Surface to Soul
God Help Us All
Gypsy Eyes
Hearses Kisses as RadiKalSon with RadiKalSistah
If We Don't Learn
I in I
Invisible Man
Its Us...And Its Love
Just For A Day
Just One Touch
JustUS 4 Them with Doc Williams
Keep the Light On
King of Kings with Trina Williams-Emigh
KKKonvicted with Tracy Mckever
Knowledge is Life
Konfederate Flag
Kowards Like Kasper with Doc Williams
Last Days of the Ghetto Geechy
Let Him Sleep
Lord Only Knows I's Tried
Lover's Rock
Ms. Amerika as RadiKalSon
My Brother's Sun
Nice & Rough with the Gaptoothbrotha
No Longer a Virgin
Our Last Slow Grind
Our Love's Hymn
Same Defintion
School-House Shock as the RadiKals
Scorned as RadiKalSon with RadiKalSistah
Sister, Sister
Slippin with Trina Williams-Emigh
Still with LaVerne Curtis
Sum of All Parts
Super Man & Woman as RadiKalSon with RadiKalSistah
Symbol of Beauty
Thanks for Everything
The Corporate Poison Pill
The I or The He?
The Roll That Never Ends with Zamounde Allie
The Smoking Gun
The Souls Ascension with Tracy Mckever
The Worst Pain
Tied to Enough Hypocrisy
Too Much Of The Same Nuthin'!
Trip to the Corner Store
Un-Forgotten Jewels
Unnatural Selection
Wake Up
We Forgot to Remember (When We Were Kings and Queens)
What A Waste! as RadiKalSon with RadiKalSistah
What I Wouldn't Give (To Be Free of U)
When Did It All Change?
Who Cares?!
Without It
Yor-Love (Lifting Me Higher)

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