Make Ya Head Nod (This Ain't No Fairy Tale)

by Tracy Mckever and the Gaptoothbrotha

throwin' it at cha,

I don't kno if ya can hang
spittin' hot linguistic gymnastics
sum call it street slang
ain't no fairy in these tales
cause they're real
standin' at the top of the hill
shoutin' verses
off the top of my head
with no rehearsin'

too much self respect

so I donít do no cursiní
torch handed down from griots
born durin' struggle and pain
if we don't come up
it's only us to blame
tired of excuses
and fist pumpin'
forget image
stand fo sumthin'
in the 2 triple O plus 1
we gotta look to heaven and believe
puttiní faith in the SON
or we'll be back three fifths of a man
cause we too busy

drikiní and shakin' our ass
instead of takin' a stand
this verse is good for the soul

we gotta seek knowledge

like days of old

ya can't help it Ė can ya
feeling kinda odd
don't fight tha feelin'
jusí let ya head nod

Mama didn't raise no fools
Only hoes in our home

were garden tools
It ain't what you wear

but what you know
I planted the mental seed in your BUSH
now watch it grow...
life ain't no fairy tale
and I aint no scholar

from Princeton or Yale
But I kick knowlede

just like Cornel West
"Iím Everyday People"

like development under Arrest
Don't confuse the sweet look

with the bitter flow
I'm BADu like Erika...

My style is wicked
Giving competitors the Blues

like Wilson Pickett
I'd die for the cause

like Nat Turner
Speak only Truth like Sojourner
My lyrics are raw

like Sushi
not SUITED for Hollywood

like Gucci
My lyrics are pro-black

like the Panthers
spreading knowledge of TRUTH

like cancer
I'm not here to mend any bridges

like Todd
I'm just hear to spread my love

making your head nod.....

Make Ya Head Nod (This Ain't No Fairy Tale) by Tracy Mckever and the Gaptoothbotha

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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