The Sacrificial Nigga

by Gaptoothbrotha and Trina Williams-Emigh

Do you have any idea in the workplace,
How sick I am of you selling me out?
Acting as if we both haven't traveled the same route
Competing with me as if we are at odds
Like both of us don't need our damn jobs!
There is something I just can't figga'
I don't understand how you can be proud of being the
"Token Nigga?!"
As if it's an honor
Or something that swells you with pride
White man got your ass along for his,
"I hate them Nigga's," ride
Of course yo' dumb ass is too "Tired," to see
So when I step onto the scene,
instantly I become your enemy?
You're no longer the lone nigga in the group
Some how you think cause there's two of us;
you're now out of the loop?
Yo' ass didn't fit before!
You're being used to keep the NAACP from knocking on the door
So don't get bent out of shape cause we're sharing the spotlight
It doesn't have to be a "Sista vs. Sista," fight
Cause in all reality, we all can be replaced
By the next nigga standing in line to join this cooperate rat race.
Heading home from another day
Exhausted from this cooperate rate race
To my surprise I'm staring at a gun in my face
So when I step onto the scene, I am now your enemy?
Your dumb ass believes robbing me is rebelling against society!
Lips like me!
Nose like me!
Black like me!
Brotha like me!
Brotha vs. Brotha
Damn! This I can't believe
I gotta fight you and society!
White man's prized nigga!
Quick to pull the trigga
Sell out is what you call me?
Yo chief!
Thug life will get you strike number three
Then you'll wish you were me!
There is something I just can't figga'
Why you so proud of being a
"Dumb Ass Nigga?!"

The Sacrificial Nigga by the Gaptoothbrotha & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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