Loving You

by Gap Tooth Brotha

As a mother loves her child
Like the fragrance of roses wet with dew
Just like a prisoner on deathrow knows his fate
And love will conquer hate
I love you

Itís true that 20/20 is hindsight
And a full moon is beautiful in the night sky
As a baby bird is dropped from its nest to learn how to fly
Our birth only begins our journey to the day we die
My love is true

Love doesnít always love you back
My pain lingers longer than the love I enjoyed
And in my weakest moment the devil creeps in
Trying to turn my heart to sin
I canít stop loving you

A full turn is 360 degrees
24 hours equals one day
Thoughts of you are imbedded in my mind
No greater love will you find
Iím here for you

My dreams havenít come true
But, I keep the faith
If we had been true to one another from the start
Misconceptions wouldnít have lead to a broken heart
I want to be with you

The sunrise begins a new day
So, today Iíll live life to the fullest
Cause what will happen tomorrow, I just donít know
Life experiences only help me grow
Iím still in love with you

Loving You by Gap Tooth Brotha

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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