Give Me Something I Can Feel!

by Gaptoothbrotha & Chereen Fredericks

Give me something I can feel.
A love that I know is true and foreal.
Don't come at me halfhearted and not really tryin'
and please, please stop all the lyin'.
Give me something that isn't fake;
show me you know how to give not just take.
Give me some respect, forget "game" try intellect.
A love that comes from within,
think of me as your "homey, lover and friend".

I have nothin but love to give,
in my heart are where we'll live.
I'll give you the world and your place as king.
And in return ask only one thing Give me something I can FEEL,
a love that is true and foreal."

I can give you something you can feel,
give you a love that is foreal.
Give you 100%. Go grocery shopping, do the laundry, forsake 
friends (if I have to), and clean the house.
Be a loving spouse!
The wind beneath your wings,
do all the little things.

No lyin'. No trippin'.  Give you nothing but pure love.

Have your dinner on the table after work, listen how your 
day went. This isn't just a physical thing.
Conversation got to be tight.
Respect even when we disagree or fight.
But here's the deal.  I'll give you body, soul, and my heart!
This ain't a temporary love affair; it's for life. 
Cause I want you as my wife! 

Tell me when I treat you good,
can you handle it or will my love be misunderstood?
Have you come to grips with your past?
Do you know what you want out of life?
Don't have time for foolish strife.
I've heard this speech before!
Then got hurt and was shown the door. 

I know how to treat you like a Queen!
And I want to be your King!
I can give you something you can feel!
A love that is true and foreal!
But, here's the question, "Can you deal with the real?"

Give Me Something I Can Feel! by Gaptoothbrotha & Chereen Fredericks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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