Collaboration: Searching the Internet for a Date?!

by Tracy Mckever & Gaptoothbrotha

Hello my name is Tracy how ya do?
I wanted to take this time to email you
Show you that I am not like the rest 
I read your work and I was feeling it
I don't want to sound too blunt but I must be up front
I'm not interested in your artistry you are who I want
I'll come to visit you at your home if that is what it takes
For a sister to seal her fate and land a date
I don't want to be overly aggressive or come on too strong
Just because I use the Internet as love connection doesn't mean I'm wrong

Damn! How can this be?
This sista across country got a crush on me
The poem - just a collaboration
Not a wedding invitation!
I'm called the Gaptoothbrotha
Not the long Distance Lover!
Hitting me up with e-mails everyday
Asking can I come to Virginia and play!
I ain't no scrub and I show nuff ain't goin' to pay your bills
I'm into to real love, not cheap internet thrills
No, I don't want a long distance love affair!
No, I don't think we make a good pair!
No, I don't want to date!
No, us meeting wasn't fate!
well....? let a sis know....
Brother you know that I have a crush on you
I thought we could do some one on one or me on you
I was willing to fly all the way from VA just to play
Been checking my in box for a message from you everyday
You know I've been feeling you since "Love in the Next Millennium"
But the fact that I'm looking for love via email is anal retention
But, now you say you are not interested in vibes?
Think I'm scheming on you for a rendezvous? Nice try!

My frustration is mounting anxiety prolongs the wait
Why do ignorant asses have to define an artist's fate?
And why is collaboration the only way a sistah can get a date?
Sorry some of you can't relate
Believing we're surfing the Web for a date
We're not trying to be lovers
Just mutual respect between a sistah and a brotha
Collaborations are what we do from time to time
It adds a different flavor to our rhymes
Every poem we try to come with realness
But, today we wrote this to have some fun with your silliness

Collaboration: Searching the Internet for a Date?! by Gap Tooth Brotha and Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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