Ghetto Lullaby

by Gaptoothbrotha & Trina Williams-Emigh

Underneath my window
Down on the streets
I listen to the nighttime
As I lay down to sleep
Dealers slangin' 
On the corners just hangin'
While the drunk pisses on the wall
As he begs from the thieves
With jewelry up their sleeves
The junkie tricks for a hit
Her baby is cryin'
Yet the dealers still supplyin'
Got mama down on her knees
And of course the gangbangers are crackin'
Bullets in the breeze
The police finally come about
A fight breaks out
And I fall asleep
Fighting in the streets
So conditioned to it all
I just sleep..
And sleep..
And sleep..

4 o’clock in the morn
And my soul is torn
Hear cries through the wall
“Please, don’t hit me no more!”
This doesn’t concern me!
“I’m the guy next door
Don’t want any static
but, I’ve had it!”
Please, don’t hit her again!”
You messin’ wit my wife?
If you is I’ll take yo life!
Full of foolish pride
Holding a gun at his side
Dis don’t concern you!
I leave
Call the boys in blue
Tryin’ to fall asleep
Pillow over my head
“You sleepin wit the guy next door?”
No, baby no!
Please don’t hit me no more!
He said it don’t concern me
Police come
As I doze off asleep

Ghetto Lullaby by the Gaptoothbrotha & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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