Los Caballeros

by Tracy Mckever, Cheeren Fredricks, & the Gaptoothbrotha

Protecting my partners
I ride shotgun looking out for all the suckus
Because fools always want to cause a ruckus
My girls kick metaphors that will split your brain
Mad topics that drive you insane
Their flow is cool and funky
Read one of their poems and instantly become a junkie
One hails from New York and loves to mingle
Collabing with the gaptoothbrotha from the Woods of Ingle
The other resides in Connecticut
Teaching the gaptoothbrotha New England charm and etiquette
When they got you in their site
Give it up son! You're beat! Don't even try to fight!

My name is Chereen I'm a reigning Nubian Queen!
Poetry is my way of life
It's how I deal with my struggle and strife.
My poems are sometimes tears on paper...
My heart, soul and a definite African American Flavor..
I'm givin' something you can feel,
and keepin' it real.
I'mo hit you off with my lyrical flow
show you something you don't know.
........ and have you beggin' for mo'!
Gaptoothbrotha, one of my partners a  Nubian King in full Attire
pen in hand setting the world on fire!
His poetry full of love and desire 
His flow taking you higher and higher!
Tracy anotha Nubian Queen
watch out when she comes on the scene
I know her from "Zion ",  girlfriend tells the truth
ain't no lyin', so talented it will get you cryin'
She writes what you feel inside,
truth love, and lot's of Black Pride!
Timbooktu is our connection to each other
Two sistah's and one Brotha
ridin' roughshod for each other

Tracy...I guess I'm next
Turning heads and snapping necks
It's my time to shine and come correct
Hmmm let's see
How would I describe my poetry?
It has a mellow flow like D'angelo
But raises hell like Maxwell
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.....
Exciting riots like those kids from Denver
Like a tropical twister I'm the one causing a stir
But never look this storm in the eye
you might go blind
from my metaphorical rhymes...
I play on words
like actions on verbs
From A to Z...my style would 'B' superb!
Gaptoothbrotha, Chereen, and I....we bring the ruckus
Causing opposition to jam like Smuckers...
Spreading these verses across the globe..
I'm from NY baby....act like you know...
Been there, did that, and now it is done

Los Caballeros by Tracy Mckever, Cheeren Fredricks, & Gaptoothbrotha

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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