"The written word is my communiqué to the outside world, a passageway by which I allow my innermost feelings, deeply engulfed in the confines of my being, escape. Without this conduit, I am nothing-- simply a lifeless vessel, assiduously searching for a means of expression." - Makalani

Makalani is the pseudonym of Jeremy Sherod Buie. Born and raised in the rural parts of North Carolina, Jeremy currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he works as a teacher, minister, and musician. Jeremy has had an endearing love of writing and speaking since his youth. Fond of discussing love, relationships, and the tension between our culture and our character, Jeremy uses his pen to express his heart's treasures.

Mr. Buie is currently engaged and due to be married in November of this year.

You can contact Mr. Buie via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Makalani


The Sins of the Sinless


An Epitaph of Regret
A Tribute to My Lady (Part I)
A Tribute to My Lady (Part II)
A Tribute to My Lady (Part III)
A Tribute to My Lady (Part IV)
A War of Sin
A World That Knew Me Not
A Wretched Man
Bitter Sugar
Dear God
I Am A Sponge
Tomorrow is My Day
Tomorrow's Funeral
Untitled (No. 1)
Untitled (No. 6)
Untitled (No. 7)
Wake Up My Brother
What Do You Expect
You Can't be A Friend If...


Are We Men? Message to the Afro-American Male
But What Do We Do?
Go, Tell America! We Still Shall Rise!
Excerpt from "The Master's Words"
What's Going On? (A Question to America)

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