A War of Sin

by Makalani

I knew you had entered
Though you made no sound
For I often get that sensation
When you happen to be around

I can tell from your laughter
And the shuffle in your gait
That you're trying to lure me
Using your body as the bait

Why did you have to come with an offer
So poised and so sweet?
How did you know to attack me,
Now with my flesh so weak?

There is no way
That I can do what I want
Yet harder will it be
If I walk away and I don't.

You are the sin
Of whom I cannot tell
A sinister and sadistic spirit-
A temptress from the pits of Hell.

I attempt to find the strength
Yet this burden is hard to bear
Daily I find it more difficult
To be indifferent, as if I don't care.

How can I resist
Your sweet, lucious words?
Your minute, flirting gestures?
Your invitation into your world?

How can I say no
I'd be thought to be a fool;
Thousands of others have yielded to you,
And the world views them as cool.

I cannot afford to yield
Although the cost is free;
I cannot allow you
To make another sin-slave of me

I wish there was a way
To rid myself of you;
Yet I like the things you say
And those entrapping things you do.

The way that you approach me
Gives my carnality what it needs;
A taste of sin and the outside world
A secular, deadly feed.

I find it so hard
To kick those habits that I enjoy
Yet this question of intent-
My soul doth annoy.

God- Free me of this pain
To this sin, make me blind and deaf
Without your intervention
I shall rage war with myself

Sin, you aren't worth it
You cannot overtake my soul
Although I want to yield
I must remain my divine control

I have to resist you
You don't mean that much to me
Yet that's much more difficult to say
When you speak so seductively

I cannot be caught in your web
So you can destroy me and I meet my demise
Until I find the strength to abstain from you
This war of sin will be fought in my mind

A War of Sin by Makalani

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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