A Tribute to My Lady (Part III)

by Makalani

Sometimes our love comes under fire,
From those who can't understand what we share;
From parents, to associates, to others
They think it's a joke- they seldom care.
They sometimes act so shallow
Never allowing what we share to grow,
We have to sneak and hide to water the garden,
In which our flower grows.
I often become enraged at others
Because they won't let us be!
Can't they see what we have needs time too?
Can't they understand our need for privacy?
People sicken my soul!
Especially those who fight against our love-
Those who won't support our relationship-
Those who don't see us as a gift from above!
But I suppose people don't understand
That which they've never had,
Feelings they've never let shine through,
An emotion that continually keeps you glad.
Even when I don't feel like smiling,
The love between us lifts my spirit,
Beyond my present condition,
And so those outside, fear it.
But honestly it doesn't surprise me,
If I were them I'd fear us too!
Because they see with us supporting each other,
There's not much we can't do!
Do you see how powerful our love can be,
If we just allow it to shine?
So powerful until others can easily see it-
No longer can we hide- it's outstanding as the pine.
Though people's stifling views
Often make us want to quit-
We have to keep our heads up and stay strong,
We have to make the best of it.
For if we don't fight for our love,
Life will try to steal it from our hearts-
And if what we share is taken from us,
Our souls are bound to drift apart.
And if our souls are divided,
How can we find strength in our unity?
How can we eat the fruits of our love
When we first don't see it as a delicacy?
The way we view our relationship, today,
Determines how we will be in the morrow;
Our attitude in regards to us
Determines if we will have more pain than sorrow.
Do I mean as much to you as you think,
Or is that question o'ershadowed with gray?
Do you believe that what we share is enduring,
Or in temptation, does it fade away?
Do you mean as much to me as I feel
Or are those words without soul?
Can I say that I want no one else,
Truthfully, without a lie being told?
These questions need not answers
For the truth, with our actions we tell-
Time is forcing us to be greater than great,
Together, we cannot fail.
Does failure include not having troubles
Or dark days now and then?
Or does it include making a few mistakes,
Or never having to go out on a limb?
No! Failure is a mindset
And not a particular act to commit-
Failure is leaving without giving a fight,
Or moving at the sign of the first hit!
Failure is counting the battle as lost,
Though the war has not begun-
Failure is planning for today
When today's counted as done.
What good is putting you faith
In something that will let you down?
What does trusting profit
Someone who dares not stay around?
Things may not be as I would like at all times
And I know you feel the same-
Yet I find that we continue to fight
Life to keep our love, and our temptations tame.
This is how I know we can make it-
This is how I can keep hopeful in despair;
Because I am convinced, without a trace of doubt,
That our love will always be there-
There within our untouched hearts,
There within our loving souls,
There within our thoughts so together,
There within our moments of no control.
There within our passionte desires,
There within our sweet moments of conversation
There within our sacrifice of all,
There within our private orchestrations.
You will never mean more to another man
Than you mean to me at this hour-
No one can appreciate your heart,
Unless they, like I, feel its unsurpassable power.
Thank you for being my baby,
And friend, like none before-
I see now that in life I am a boat,
But would be nothing you, the oar.

A Tribute to My Lady (Part III) by Makalani

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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