An Epitaph of Regret

by Makalani

I was born of a woman
Living on the city streets
Buying pampers and baby food,
By intermingling between the sheets.
My father skipped town,
When he heard I was on the way;
No check- no call- no Christmas card,
Just more pain, day after day.

I grew up fast
I ran with the hardest thugs in town
They gave me attention I wanted;
And when I needed them they were around
I didn't have to worry
That they didn't care,
For even when I got busted,
(By force) they were right there

My mother couldn't help me
She was too caught up in the church
Never understanding my behavior-
Was a cry for her touch
She always told me
"Boy you're headed straight to Hell!
And don't expect to see me,
If you get locked up in jail!

"You're low-dow, just like yo' daddy
A piece of ghetto trash,
Ne'er actin' like you got a soul,
Just living off my cash!"
I loved my momma dearly
Although she had her ways-
The lump that she found early one morning,
Took my momma to her grave.

I thought about getting married-
I knew it was the llife for me;
But sadly enough, I didn't realize
Marriage wasn't the "happy key."
I found this young girl,
And we agreed to be one-
We lasted about three months-
And she gave me a son.

I had to leave her
Things just weren't right;
I got convicted of first degree murder
I received twenty years instead of life.
I never had the chance
To make things right with my son;
In fact, as I lay here dead,
I see there's many things I left undone

I never took time to work on my soul
I knew that I'd have another day;
"What the use of doing it now?
I have tomorrow," I would say
Tuesday, December 13th, I saw
The eternal mistake I made;
I wish I would have accepted God;
But it's too late- I'm confined to a cold grave...

An Epitaph of Regret by Makalani

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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