A Tribute to My Lady (Part I)

by Makalani

Unless you viewed the world through my soul,
Not through my eyes, as many oftentimes do-
You would see the world, this day the same as many others,
And love of a sullen, monotonous hue;
You would not feel its unbreakable power,
Within its gentle, calming charms-
You would not feel its soothing, untainted peace,
Given amid a tempestuous storm.
The tongue is useless as faith without acts,
To aptly describe what resounds within the recesses
Of my soul-of my mind-of the hidden places in my heart;
Though mortally difficult, my body continually confesses,
Of my undying love, growing more endless as time itself,
Hinged upon the sweetest of all desires-
My cold, morbid memories of my bitter past,
Are conflagrated through our passion, a roaring fire.
Two hundred twenty four days, five thousand four hundred hours,
I have held your fragile heart within my hands,
We've battled against temptation, though we both made some mistakes,
Nonetheless, you're still my lady, and I am your man.
Sometimes, in hindsight, I feel as though I've faultered,
Dropping your heart as I strived to walk upright-
I, at times, feel as though I am not worthy,
Of your love, which breathes on my soul so sweet and light.
But now is not the time to be thinking of the past,
Though its significance continues to live-
More important to a love as vibrant as ours,
Is our future, and the all of our beings we must give.
I see now, more so than ever before,
I have developed a need for you in my life,
A craving- a thirst- a yearning for your presence,
Even sweetened in the face of vicissitudes and strife-
Nothing can compare to yearning to hear
Your sweet, mellifluous voice on the phone-
Nothing can equate to being overwhelmed with thoughts
Of your tender touch- your stroke when I'm all alone;
Nothing can yield the same joy I feel
As memories of us dance acros the stolen moments in time.
Because of this growing passion in my soul,
I have meaning, and my pen knows rhyme.
My eyes do not view the population as before,
With hopes of acquiring one for my own-
Attempting to find one who seems best for me,
To cast away my feeling of being alone:
Now my eyes peruse those other females
With no hope of paying the price for their love,
For my heart is no longer mine to give away,
For it is entangled and committed to a gift from above.
The blessed gift that I have obtained so grand
I know I never can repay-
Yet through every letter, every kiss, and every hug,
I make payments in hope that you will tay.
Though an end, in its time, I know must come,
My thoughts cannot conceive such the night,
When a finale must come to this love,
And emotional darkness usurps the light.
Today marks an anniversary,
Though not subscribed on a schedule or dated book-
Today marks another day in our love,
Another day we remain snagged by Destiny's hook...

A Tribute to My Lady (Part I) by Makalani

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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