What Do You Expect

by Makalani

You left me in the cold
With nowhere else to go
My closest secrets you told
How could you stoop so low?

You passed me off as nothing
Just another one of them
You gave another guy your heart-
But all the while my eyes were dim

You cursed at me and lied
Kicking my feelings out the door
Everytime I saw you, I died
My heart from my chest you tore

You didn't deserve a guy
When all you needed was a boy
A guy that would fly by-
A mere human toy

But Destiny sent me to you
For some reason unknown
To treat you better than I needed to
You should have been alone

Had you said you didn't love me
I would have gone my way
But your puppet you wanted me to be
So foolish me decided to stay

What do you expect from me?
Friendship and no hositility?
How can you pretend to love me?
When you engaged in infidelity?

Do you expect me to be taciturn
And ignore the pain that's there?
Don't beg me for another chance-
For never again will we one love share

What do you expect?
I'm hurting inside
The facts (I guess) I must accept
And my feelings perpetually hide

What Do You Expect by Makalani

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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