What's Going On? (A Question to America)

by Makalani

We are living in an ever-changing world. Nothing truly stays the same. Computers are constantly changing- Medical technology is constantly changing- even our climates are changing. But the most noticeable changes in our world today are in the people, primarily those who call themselves Americans.

Today we find our nation to be in a terrible, marred state of existence. We find that what "used-to-be" a country based on one's character doesn't see the need for that to be in one's qualifications for the job. We find that Negroes still aren't free to live and worship and carry on where they please. We, as Black folk, are still living in an Anti-Black society.

Ever since slavery was over, we weren't wanted- we weren't needed. We had already served our purpose. All we were really needed for was to do what the slave driver and the white masters were too lazy to do. Ever since we were brought here, shackled and branded, we weren't treated as individuals- we weren't respected as individuals- and today in some aspects of life, we're still not treated as individuals.

We as Afro-Americans have received a negative image today. We have been portrayed (thanks to those crooked journalists, reporters, and radio personnel) as the only race of people in America that are committing crimes. Somehow America is receiving the image that we are the only race of folk in jail and on welfare- and robbing banks and breaking into people's homes and so forth. But don't be deceived. There is some good and definitely some bad in all of us. Yet this is no justification for being singled out as the "bad guys" of society. That's no excuse when they portray us like poor and uneducated people. THIS IS THE KIND OF CRAP that they are talking about over the air waves. But do let me send this message to the media-- we're not all like that. NOt all of us are poor and cause trouble. Not all of us just go the school to sleep and eat. Not all of us disrespect our women. Not all of us fall into the gangster style. Not all of us wear our pants at our behinds. Not all of us are shooting, killing, stealing, and cheating from each other. What's Going On?

Somehow we were led to believe that we must fall into a gap. Either we are of the "gangster" motif or we're trying to be white. There is no happy medium according to the media. But I refuse to fall into the trenches dug by hypocrites and dogmatic backstabbers!! I don't fall into a gap- I pull out my shovel and I dig another trench for MYSELF!

What is going on with our youth today in the Black community? Why do they feel it necessary to model themselves after those persons who are not trying to make an honest living for him or herself? The reason is because the true Black men are not standing up. It is time for THE TRUE MEN to stand up and bridge the gap between the prison system and our children. It is time for the true men to close the space between death and deliverance. It is time for true men to be true men!

It has always been amazing to me how we can sit and talk about those wayward young children yet we never attempt to be a true role model for them. What since does this make? A child cannot model him/herself to be something that they have not yet seen or heard of. If we want to see a change in the lives of our Afro-American youth, let us be about it- and stop talking about it. Let us be the role model- let us be the mother- let us be the father- let us be the friend- let us be the person to stand up and say "I'm going to make a difference."

What's Going on in the government today when there are a great deal of "overdue, needing to be 'kicked out of office'" officials who are not working for the people (but working for their pockets) still sitting in high positions? What's going on in America when the Negro is still suffering from racism and segregation by the hands of our crooked government? I am tired of being the target of negative stereotypes and pre-conceived notions! Something has got to be DONE!

For America to change, we must take the initiative. We must realize that too often we vote for a name instead of the candidates true "game." Too often we choose the candidate that sounds good, but truly isn't. All that shines isn't gold. Not everything that looks good is good for you. Not all of those high and mighty, good-English speaking, fancy-suit wearing, Cadillac and Mercedes driving politicians are what we need. Sometimes we need a politician that isn't all that high and mighty. Sometimes we need a politician that says "skreet, ain't, and yunguns!" Sometimes we need a politician that drives a '66 Chevrolet. Sometimes we need an advocate for, of, and by the people-- not against the people!

We've got to rise to the occasion! We've got to put our feet down and roll our sleeves up. We've got to prepare now for our future. What type of society are we developing today for the children and leaders of tomorrow? Can you honestly say that our world is in an state worth leaving to somebody else? I fail to believe that! You and I barely want this crooked society, so why would anybody else? Why would we leave our world in this state to our children? As they say, things get a whole lot worse before they get any better. What's Going On? That is the question- now is the time for you and I to find the answer.

What's Going On? (A Question to America) by Makalani

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